There is nothing more to say to my girlfriend after she has given up on me in a lot of ways already. She is not really the kind of person that would just want to stick around when the times are not really favourable for her. But I also should blame myself for getting involved with a person just like her. Now there is nothing that is going right for me it feels like and all the people that o know in my life has already moved on and build an awesome family of their own that they can be proud about. It took a very long time to me to figure out what is really going on with my life. But I want to be s good person to whoever I come across with and not let them know that inside I am really dying. I have too much pride to be honest with my friends and family. Even though it is hard to lie to them all of the time. It’s something that I need to do. Life is full of surprises and it’s my job to do what I can and help the people that I am with right now. It’s been so long to and it took a long time to figure out how to deal with my life and my own issues but there is someone that might be able to get me through this time. She is a London escort and it would be great for the both of us to spend time together. This London escort still does not trust me at all but that is not important. What needs to happen in my life is to try to convince her to give me a life time and the hopes of finding a way in to her heart. It’s not something that is very easy to do. But nonetheless I still would be glad to give a London escort a time to make things serious between the both of us. i am not looking for a temporary thing. What I need to do right now is to make this London escort love me. It’s close to an impossible thing to do but it might just work considering that we are very happy when we are together and it’s hard to deny the fact that we have a lot in common. The more that I got the chance to be with a London escort the better it got for me. Hopefully things are going to go more smoothly in my life because in the end it would be the best thing that could have ever happened to me in a very long time. It’s never been a possibility to make a London escort fall in love with me all my life. But I am very fortunate to be given a chance to have a London escort and make her mine. It’s not going to be an easy road but I’m sure that it would make sense.




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