Lawmaker likens same-sex marriage to his friendship with cycling buddies – CNN


Lawmaker likens same-sex marriage to his friendship with cycling buddies
Australia is in the midst of a national debate on same-sex marriage. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told reporters last week that he would "give all Australians a say" on the matter. "I'll be voting yes, as will (my wife), I'm very open about that
Gay marriage: Kevin Andrews likens same-sex couples to cycling …
Australian MP Compares Same-Sex Marriage To His Relationship With Cycling FriendsMarie Claire
This Politician Just Equated Same-Sex Couples to "Affectionate Friends," and We Can't Stop Shaking Our HeadsPOPSUGAR
Junkee –Refinery29 –Techly
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Rebel lawmakers reignite same-sex marriage debate in Australia – CNN


Rebel lawmakers reignite same-sex marriage debate in Australia
For nine months same-sex marriage in Australia has remained in limbo, after a government proposal to hold a national vote, or plebiscite, on the topic was blocked in Parliament in October 2016. Australia is one of only a few countries in the English
Same-Sex Marriage: Where The Hell Is It At?Huffington Post Australia
Same-sex marriage: PM Malcolm Turnbull defends move to hold postal plebiscite on same-sex marriageABC Online
Liberal party room sticks with same-sex marriage plebiscite – as it happenedThe Guardian
Reuters –The Australian –The Sydney Morning Herald
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Same-sex marriage threatens to split Coalition as some MPs consider crossing the floor – ABC Online

ABC Online

Same-sex marriage threatens to split Coalition as some MPs consider crossing the floor
ABC Online
The same-sex marriage issue has flared because some Liberal MPs have not ruled out crossing the floor to force the lower house to debate the issue. That has angered conservatives in the Coalition, who say it would break the election promise to hold a …
'We didn't try hard enough': Turnbull ministers push to retry failed same-sex marriage plebisciteThe Sydney Morning Herald
Turnbull facing same-sex marriage showdownThe Australian
PM under pressure over postal plebisciteSky News Australia –Huffington Post Australia –SBS
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Germany to vote on same-sex marriage after Merkel drops opposition – The Guardian

The Guardian

Germany to vote on same-sex marriage after Merkel drops opposition
The Guardian
The proposed legislation would grant full marital rights – including the possibility to jointly adopt children – to same-sex couples, who in Germany are now only able to enter civil partnerships. The vote comes after Merkel softened her stance on gay
Angela Merkel Eases Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage in GermanyNew York Times
Snap vote: German lawmakers to vote on same-sex marriageCNN
How dinner with a lesbian couple changed Angela Merkel's position on same-sex marriageLos Angeles Times
Bustle –The Daily Caller –Deutsche Welle
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Foster same-sex marriage letter released – BBC News

BBC News

Foster same-sex marriage letter released
BBC News
A letter has been released showing that Arlene Foster wrote to the Scottish government to say allowing NI civil partnerships to be converted to Scottish same-sex marriages would mean legal "uncertainty". Mrs Foster wrote the letter in 2015 when she was
Arlene Foster letter on blocking same-sex marriage in Scotland releasedIrish Times
Revealed: Arlene Foster's letter to Scottish government minister over same-sex marriageBelfast Telegraph
Letters reveal how the DUP tried to meddle in Scotland's equal …PinkNews
the Irish News – –The Scottish Government
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Proposed Referendum Could Crush Romania’s Same-Sex Marriage Hopes –

Proposed Referendum Could Crush Romania's Same-Sex Marriage Hopes
Dozens of Romanian rights groups jointly asked parliament on Wednesday to reject a proposed referendum to restrict the constitutional definition of family which would effectively rule out the possibility of legalizing same-sex marriage. Their grouping

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Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Gives Asian Neighbors Hope … –