Marriage could be the most beautiful institution if both partners understand the real meaning of love and commitment. Experts say that in a stressful work life, which is very common among young marrieds these days, the married life can be the best breather from the hectic work life. Unfortunately many couples, despite having a wonderful beginning to their married life, fail in drawing a parallel between professional and personal life. While working hard at the work place and for fulfilling their bigger dreams, they tend to believe that a happy married life requires allot of hard work too.

Hold on! According to experts, a happy married life rather needs intention and not attention only. Due to physical and emotional proximity, many couples make the mistake of forgetting gratitude and appreciation. In reality, gratitude and appreciation prove to be most effective in the relationship of a husband and wife than any formal or professional relationship.

Be a team

The partners, while having their individual space and identity, must behave as a team. Both partners need to support each other to ensure they give their best performance each time a situation arises.

Check habitual complaints

A husband and a wife must check their habitual complaints. In the pursuit of a perfect match, many a times, partners in a marital knot tend to complain repeatedly over the same “bad habits” of the other partner. This does absolute harm and no good at all.

Hugs and kisses

This may sound too bookish, but experts suggest that starting the day with a gentle kiss and greeting your partner in the evening with a hug can do wonders in relieving stress. This practice helps in releasing the bonding hormone-Oxytocin.

Escorts think sex is good in a relationship

Relationship researchers have time and again reported that regular sex helps sustain the bonding between couples. Experts said that more than quality of sex, it is the frequency of sex that drives the satisfaction meter of couples. This holds true in case of women, in particular.

Individual responsibilities of husband and wife

As against the common perception of “happy wife, happy life,” researches have shown that the happier is the husband, the better the overall married life could be. The husband’s attitude and health play significant role in ensuring a healthy married life. So husbands, taking good care of your health and keeping your cool is a must. The other responsibilities of husbands include frequent expression of love to their wives, showing mental strength and not suffering from chauvinism. As women love surprises, it is important for men to keep celebrating the practice of surprises.

Women are known as the care givers, and can sometimes try to hard to bring comfort to their partner. Seeking more freedom and independence, men are always on a lookout for space. Hence, it is responsibility of a wife to ensure she gives enough mental space to her husband and does not suffocate him with too much care and attention. The same can be said for men as well; men tend to look at everything as a problem to be solved. Sometimes your partner just needs a person to talk to and does not need problem solving suggestions.

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