Taiwan is one step closer to legalizing same-sex marriage – Mashable


Taiwan is one step closer to legalizing same-sex marriage
Taiwan is now a step closer to marriage equality, and will become the first Asian government to make same-sex marriage legal, if it eventually passes a new amendment to civil law. On Monday, parliament passed the first draft of a marriage bill, which
Thousands rally in Taiwan to protest, support same-sex marriageUPI.com
Same-sex marriage bill divides Taipei as rival groups rallyRT
Taiwan moves a step closer to legalizing same-sex marriageThe Japan Times
China Post –PinkNews –The Sydney Morning Herald
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Cherokee Nation Begins Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages – NBCNews.com


Cherokee Nation Begins Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages
The decision came after the Cherokee Nation Tax Commission sent an inquiry to Attorney General Todd Hembree asking whether the group was able to issue a motor vehicle license tag to a woman who provided her same-sex marriage certificate as proof of …
Cherokee Nation Rules Same-Sex Marriage LegalThe Daily Dot
Cherokee AG: Same-sex marriage legal for citizensClaremore Daily Progress
Cherokee Nation to legalize gay marriageDeutsche Welle
KOSU –CBS News –Times Record
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St. Cloud Business Owners Sue, Saying Same-Sex Marriage Law Violates Beliefs – KSTP.com


St. Cloud Business Owners Sue, Saying Same-Sex Marriage Law Violates Beliefs
The owners of a Minnesota-based media company are suing the state Department of Human Rights and the Attorney General of Minnesota over a state law that requires them to produce videos of same-sex marriages, saying it violates their religious beliefs …

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