Pope Francis’ Speech To Congress Didn’t Mention Abortion, Gay Marriage By Name – Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Pope Francis' Speech To Congress Didn't Mention Abortion, Gay Marriage By Name
Huffington Post
Yet, while the pope had strong words on many of these causes, he glossed over two other topics that American bishops have strongly lobbied against in recent years: abortion and same-sex marriage. In fact, he did not even mention them by name.
Pope Expresses “Concern for the Family” Before Congress in Allusion to Same Slate Magazine (blog)
Pope gives hope to gay Catholics, same-sex marriage supportersThe News Journal
Pope: 'Basis of marriage' being called into questionWashington Blade
Fox News
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Pair of state legislators seek to nullify same-sex marriage ruling in Tennessee – Knoxville News Sentinel

Knoxville News Sentinel

Pair of state legislators seek to nullify same-sex marriage ruling in Tennessee
Knoxville News Sentinel
NASHVILLE — A pair of Republican state legislators filed a bill Thursday purporting to nullify application of the U.S. Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling in Tennessee. The “Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act” filed by two Wilson County …
Lawmakers file 'Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act'The Tennessean
Arkansas Supreme Court cleared in misconduct claim in gay marriage caseThe City Wire

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Oregon judge admits to avoiding same-sex marriages, displaying Hitler image – Washington Post

Washington Post

Oregon judge admits to avoiding same-sex marriages, displaying Hitler image
Washington Post
When Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, she became the face of conservative discontent with the decision. And she has glamour shots with Republican …
Judge who refuses to perform same-sex marriages faces new allegationsCBS News
Oregon judge against same-sex marriage displayed Hitler photo in courthouseThe Guardian
Second Oregon judge stops performing weddings following same-sex marriage decisionThe Register-Guard
NBCNews.com –Statesman Journal
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Kentucky clerk won’t let deputies issue same-sex wedding licenses, stays in jail – CNN

New York Times

Kentucky clerk won't let deputies issue same-sex wedding licenses, stays in jail
(CNN) Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis was given a second chance: She didn't have to issue same-sex marriage licenses herself; she merely had to agree not to interfere with five deputy clerks who had told the federal judge they'd issue them in
Clerk Rejects Proposal to Let Deputies Issue Marriage LicensesNew York Times
US clerk jailed for gay marriage defiance; dispute goes onReuters
Deputy clerks in Kentucky say yes to same-sex marriage licenses but their boss Los Angeles Times
Fox 59 –Washington Post –ABC News
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