My first hedonistic holiday

My first hedonistic holiday came as a bit of a surprise, but it was a totally amazing experience. it was actually my girlfriend who wanted to go, and at first I was a bit hesitant. It felt like we were going into a big adventure, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be my kind of thing. But in the end, picked up all of my courage, and I went anyway. Now, I am really glad that I did, because we had an amazing break from Bromley escorts where we both work as bisexual escorts.

naughty girls in bromley escorts

naughty girls in bromley escorts

When we arrived at the resort, we had just gotten off a long shift at Bromley escorts and a long flight. To be honest, we were both really exhausted and we slept for hours it felt like. When we woke up the next morning, we were greeted by the wonderful Jamaican sun, and it felt really wonderful. Our room actually faced the ocean, and to wake up and look up over the ocean was a wonderful experience in itself. It made me feel really alive, and I just wanted to get on with the holiday.

After a quick breakfast, we hit the beach, and the was no need to wear a bikini at all. At first, I had my little microkini on but I soon took that off. To got swimming in the nude was a wonderful experience, and it really turned me on. If I could take the beach and transfer it to Bromley I would. To work at Bromley escorts, and then just go for a swim, would be an amazing experience. Honestly, I could easily see myself living in Jamaica with Suzi, and it is something that we are going to talk about.

As a matter of fact, living somewhere warm would be our dream. Yes, it is fun to work a Bromley escorts, but at the same time, I know that there are other things that we would like to do with our lives. Living somewhere special together would be nice, and we could always run our own little duo escorting service to make some extra money. When we get back, we are going to take a look at our finances and found out how much money that we have available. If, we can, we might just buy somewhere as an investment.

At the end of our holiday, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go back to the real world of Bromley escorts. I was so pleased that Suzi had been able to talk me into this holiday, and it had been a real holiday. Next time, Suzi suggests a hedonistic holiday, I will go back on the drop of a hat, and I am sure that I will be able to have just as much fun as I did on this one. Yes, it was an unusual experience, but we managed to enjoy both the sun and the adult fun, if you know what I mean by that.

Newly wed virgins

Some people still do not believe in having sex before marriage, and that is perfectly okay. My sister is a very Christian girl, and she has got got married, says Angelina from London escorts. Needless to say, I flew home to Poland to be part of the entire wedding celebration, and a couple of friends from London escorts joined me. My sister and I are complete polar opposites. I am really loud and noisy, and she is very quite. As a matter of fact, I would describe my sister as angelic, so we should have swapped names really. Anyway, she was really worried about getting married as her and her fiancé never had enjoyed sex before.

I was a bit anxious for my sister as well. The guy she is marrying is from sort of like a cult, and it sounds like they have some strange habits. One of the girls I work with here at London escorts used to be part of a cult. What she has told me has really worried me, but I do hope my sister will be okay. She seems to really love the guy, and most of my friends from London escorts, did seem to think he seemed a nice guy.

The night before the wedding, it was obvious that my sister wanted to have a chat to me. We sat down with a cup of tea, and started to have a chat. She was really anxious about losing her virginity especially as she had never had sex before. I told her that we all have had different sexual experience. The great thing was that my friends from cheap London escorts don’t mind sharing their first sexual experiences. Of course, the girls did not tell my sister they worked as London escorts, she would just have considered them immoral and stop talking to them.

As it was, I think it really helped my sister to have a little chat with me and my friends from London escorts. She seemed to be less anxious the next morning and was actually looking forward to the wedding. I told her husband to be that they should both take it slow, and don’t rush things. One of my friends from London escorts said that they had their entire lives to explore each other, and that is true. The ceremony went okay and everybody had a really great time.

The next day I chatted to my sister on the phone, and she was fine. I told her to watch out for honey moon cystitis, and she promised me that she would. Later on that evening I flew back to London with my friends from London escorts. We had really enjoyed the wedding, and for many of them, it was the first time visiting Poland. They had all really enjoyed the experience of a Polish summer wedding and would not hesitate to visit Poland again. I do miss Poland sometimes, but I certainly do not miss the Polish winters, laughs Angelina.


Acheiving A Happy Married Life

Marriage could be the most beautiful institution if both partners understand the real meaning of love and commitment. Experts say that in a stressful work life, which is very common among young marrieds these days, the married life can be the best breather from the hectic work life. Unfortunately many couples, despite having a wonderful beginning to their married life, fail in drawing a parallel between professional and personal life. While working hard at the work place and for fulfilling their bigger dreams, they tend to believe that a happy married life requires allot of hard work too.

Hold on! According to experts, a happy married life rather needs intention and not attention only. Due to physical and emotional proximity, many couples make the mistake of forgetting gratitude and appreciation. In reality, gratitude and appreciation prove to be most effective in the relationship of a husband and wife than any formal or professional relationship.

Be a team

The partners, while having their individual space and identity, must behave as a team. Both partners need to support each other to ensure they give their best performance each time a situation arises.

Check habitual complaints

A husband and a wife must check their habitual complaints. In the pursuit of a perfect match, many a times, partners in a marital knot tend to complain repeatedly over the same “bad habits” of the other partner. This does absolute harm and no good at all.

Hugs and kisses

This may sound too bookish, but experts suggest that starting the day with a gentle kiss and greeting your partner in the evening with a hug can do wonders in relieving stress. This practice helps in releasing the bonding hormone-Oxytocin.

Escorts think sex is good in a relationship

Relationship researchers have time and again reported that regular sex helps sustain the bonding between couples. Experts said that more than quality of sex, it is the frequency of sex that drives the satisfaction meter of couples. This holds true in case of women, in particular.

Individual responsibilities of husband and wife

As against the common perception of “happy wife, happy life,” researches have shown that the happier is the husband, the better the overall married life could be. The husband’s attitude and health play significant role in ensuring a healthy married life. So husbands, taking good care of your health and keeping your cool is a must. The other responsibilities of husbands include frequent expression of love to their wives, showing mental strength and not suffering from chauvinism. As women love surprises, it is important for men to keep celebrating the practice of surprises.

Women are known as the care givers, and can sometimes try to hard to bring comfort to their partner. Seeking more freedom and independence, men are always on a lookout for space. Hence, it is responsibility of a wife to ensure she gives enough mental space to her husband and does not suffocate him with too much care and attention. The same can be said for men as well; men tend to look at everything as a problem to be solved. Sometimes your partner just needs a person to talk to and does not need problem solving suggestions.